SINCE 2012


Poseidon team
is a research student group from the University of Western Attica that designs and builds single-seater vehicles. The team started as a simple idea in 2012 from two mechanical engineering students named Trireme, participating in competitions such as the SHELL ECO-MARATHON, while also preparing for entry into the world of the Formula Student competition.

The vehicles it has created so far are the Dominator 1 and its follower Dominator 2 (vehicles that participated in competitions without recorded performance due to construction problems), "RENA" with which we competed for 4 years and collected enough data that helped us design and build the "ORCA". With the "ORCA" we managed to be awarded both for its design and its performance on the track. Our team also holds the Panhellenic Record in the Prototype Battery Electric category of the competition.